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My name is Erinn Shaughnessy and I am an artist! You are much cooler and interesting than I am, but I need a place to house my art. If I am doing a painting, I have created the frame and stretched the canvas (what materials I use, depend on what I am thinking about materials in general at the moment) I believe it is very important to make your own - simply because the final product looks better, and when you create something with your own hands you imbue it with a certain spiritual property, I am still working that last part out, but it is odd how a story appears in a handmade item that doesn't, in my opinion resonate so clearly with one made by a machine.

Does anyone else feel that way? 

 If you want to commission a piece, or talk to me about something, you can do that here

or you can catch me on my online journal to learn more

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