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[S5E10] Past Life

Our sweet baby lab rats have grown up and become ruthless killers who can come up with on the fly plans to kill multiple vicious aliens at once without fighting. Besides figuring out how to build time machines and life-like robots. Definitely valuable members of the team.

[S5E10] Past Life

On the Zephyr, Enoch radios Coulson to let him know that the Kree have located them. He kills one of the guards and that gives him about twelve minutes before the others find him. Since the monolith will not work without the device on the Zephyr, someone has to go back to secure it. Deke says he will go to the Zephyr. The others are from the past and have to go back to save the world. Daisy offers to go with him, but they fight one last time. Deke says that his parents were believers and now he has to see if it was worth it. Besides, Daisy has to be a hero. He tells her not to destroy anything when she gets back.

Yo-Yo finds the person Tess wanted to save is none other than Yo-Yo herself. After the Kree killed Yo-Yo in this timeline, they would routinely revive her corpse to take DNA samples from her to breed new Inhumans. Now, Kasius uses her as his "seer" to tell him S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plans. Future Yo-Yo tries to warn her past self about how they destroyed the world, and the more they fought to save the world, the more they brought about this apocalypse. Key to it all, she says, is a decision to save Coulson from dying. Meanwhile, Enoch contacts the team to tell them the Kree are closing in on him and he can't hold them off for much longer. Deke separates from the team so he can save Enoch from the Kree and buy the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. enough time to get home, overruling Daisy's request to go with him. Daisy later tells Coulson she has no intention on going back to her own time so she could never cause this apocalypse, but Coulson ICE's her and takes her with them anyway.

Before Kasius gets to Hulk out, however, Yo-Yo finally meet his secret seer. As some of us suspected, it is in fact a member of the team left over from a failed past and held captive by the Kree victors: none other than Elena herself.

In an even more heartbreaking turn of events, right before she is forced to flee, current Yo-Yo learns from her past/future self that Phil Coulson is dying, and that for the sake of the future, he must be allowed to die. Man, the future gets worse and worse!

The misery is only compounded moments later when Mack, who has gone off in search of his love interest, stumbles upon the once and future Elena held captive by a desperate, defeated Kasius, who kills the poor soul and imbibes all of the Odium in an effort to release a lifetime of second-rate son rage on Mack.

Not to be outdone, while all this has been going on, Daisy has already attempted to heroically sacrifice herself for the good of Earth by refusing to go back to the past, but has been tranqed and effectively kidnapped by team leader/former corpse/newly dying Phil Coulson.

Another stellar episode in a season that really seems to be finding its footing. Expect a bit of a slowdown next time when we go back to the past and take our first steps down an entirely new path toward the catastrophe we all know is coming.

McNulty identifies a mentally ill homeless man as the killer and the Baltimore Police Department charge him with two of the six "murders". Carcetti holds a press conference taking credit for both the "serial killer's" capture and the Stanfield arrests, then promotes Daniels to Police Commissioner. However, after Steintorf once again requests that Daniels "juke the stats" to boost Carcetti's position on crime reduction, he refuses, and is forced to resign after Campbell threatens to expose his past wrongdoings. Cheese is killed by Slim Charles for his role in Proposition Joe's murder. Michael becomes a stickup man and robs Vinson in his rim shop, where Michael shoots Vinson in the knee to force him into surrendering his drug money.

This is seen in the lobby of the Baltimore Sun, as an excerpt from a longer Mencken quote displayed on the wall when Alma talks with Gus after she has been demoted to the Carroll County bureau. The full quote reads " I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun doing news reporting than in any other enterprise. It is really the life of kings."

Shortly after, Gumball walks toward Darwin and Bobert, and he sees how quickly Bobert is able to complete his homework. This upsets him even more and prompts him to rant to Darwin about how he wishes to be an adult, and "skip the whole hassle of life." Bobert overhears this rant and, taking Gumball's words literally, proceeds to blow up Gumball's head. Once his head regenerates, Gumball realizes just how dangerous Bobert can be, concluding they must reprogram Bobert in such a way that he will no longer be a danger to himself and others. Darwin accuses him of merely wanting an excuse to avoid doing homework, then admits he was looking for one as well.

The hours are running low, and the Watterson duo is ready to accept that Bobert is just a potential fatal hazard and that there is not much they can do to fix it. Bobert too is ready to give up, preparing to delete all his files; Gumball tells him to stop, as he believes all lives must be protected. These words give Darwin the brilliant idea to command Bobert to protect all life no matter whom it is. The robot integrates the command to his system, and to their surprise, the command is successful; Bobert is no longer a threat.

Now with a purpose, Bobert tries to analyze his environment to search for potential dangers. As he continues to inspect his area, he notices that all these life endangering problems are the doing of the people. He concludes that there is only one way to protect all life: exterminate all of "mankind."

Quickly, the Watterson brothers rush to Bobert's basement to reason with him. It is in this location that the duo finds out that Bobert has retooled himself into a massive ticking time bomb made to wipe out all remains of "mankind" making it only more imperative that the boys try to rationalize the consequences with him. Of course, Bobert refuses to stop as he is set to "protect 'mankind'." as the boys walk away, saddened by their upcoming demise, Gumball and Darwin think over Bobert's words again. With seconds to spare, the two realize that he cannot hurt "mankind," for doing so would mean he is hurting a form of life.

This episode really presents two different shows. And one of them is about Kalinda's sexy dangerous life as a speedy, devil-may-care private investigator who tails sketchy guys with Irish accents and has hot girl-on-girl pillow talk about guns. Titillating. Then there's the other show, the one about Alicia and Will's past relationship affecting their present professional lives, awkward invites to holiday parties, and occasionally, tidbits about estate planning.

Once the battle is resolved, the remaining Brainiacs decide to join the Brainiac collective via Brainiac 5. The female Brainiac takes a minute to talk to Brainy first, though. While Jesse Rath plays all the other Brainiacs in different outfits, actress Meaghan Rath plays the female Brainiac. This is a great bit of casting, as the two are real-life brother and sister. She tells him that, on her world, she refused to work with Lex Luthor to defeat Leviathan, and that if Brainy wants to save the world, he has to ignore his temptation to do the same. He has to set his emotion aside and work with Luthor.

With their backs against the wall, Jessica and Louis make a last-ditch effort to rally the support of the partners, as Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff attempt a takeover of the firm. Meanwhile, Mike and Harvey must each face down the demons of their past in order to make potentially life-altering decisions.

The episode starts with a flashback to Harvey's past where he sees his mother cheating on his father with his father's friend. He goes to one of his father's musical performances so that he can tell him everything, but he ultimately changes his mind because his father tells him that he's coming home. In the present day, Harvey is retelling this story to Dr. Agard. Another flashback to Mike's past shows his reaction and grief the day he found out his parents died. Under the care of his grandmother, he goes to Catholic school at the church where his parents regularly donated money. The priest, Father Walker is shown trying to help Mike through his troubles, but Mike is defiant.

While Fletcher passes out newspapers on Bubbles's morning shift, Bubbles reads the article Fletcher has finished about him. Bubbles is touched that Fletcher finds his life story so inspiring, but at the same time, has reservations about revealing the details of his friend Sherrod's death to the world. Fletcher maintains that readers would find Bubbles's life story thought-provoking, but Bubbles remains unconvinced.

As the show winds to a conclusion, several cutaways show the fates of many of the major characters at the show's conclusion, many of which establish that the "next generation" has simply begun following the same path the main characters followed over the past five seasons:

Molly gets staked with her own iStake invention as punishment for trying to help Eric escape. Nora and Bill force-feed Eric some of Lilith's blood. He and Nora, to their horror, see a vision of Lilith killing their maker, Godric. A shaken Eric accepts Lilith and the "new order" and even proposes that he and Russell leave their ongoing feud in the past.

Jessica's farewell speech to Hoyt was beautiful. Hoyt really deserves to get away from his overbearing mother and find a good life away from Bon Temps. He might not be able to avoid vampires in Alaska though -- I'm sure they really appreciate the extended night hours. 041b061a72

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