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I served for five years in the 9th Strategic ReconnaissanceSquadron(SAC) at Beale Air Force Base in Marysville, California. My job was tomaintain, inspect, launch and recover the SR-71 Blackbird. From themomentI found out I was to be assigned to the secret Blackbird, to the day Ileft the organization, it was a love affair to last a lifetime. Eachandevery launch was a sight to behold. The awesome fact that I was abouttolaunch the worlds fastest air-breathing and highest flying aircraft inthe world redefined, to me, the meaning of responsibility. Hello, andwelcometo the SR-71 web page. My name is Leland Haynes and I am a retired USAFMaster Sergeant. I served on the Blackbird from 1969 to 1974. Just asmytenure with the the 9th SRW was about to end, I was informed we were tomake a New York to London speed record attempt. My aircraft (#61-7972)was selected for the speed run based on reliability records of theplane.In August of 1974, I arrived at Farnborough England to receive theaircraftas it landed. My assistant Crew Chief was to launch the plane out fromBeale AFB in California.....

AlmaMater and Recollections From the Past: SR-71personal recollections of thosethat helped make it fly. If Qualified,Jointhe Blackbird Association here. The Alma Mater page is back on line!

Mach3+ Links: 64 Linksto the bestthe Internet has to offer on the SR-71. Specification; History; Recordsset; Aircraft lost; NASA Photo Server; Lockheed Martin Skunk Works;Crewmembers;YF12A; D21 Drone; Photo Archives and Memorabilia.

SR-71Blackbird Screensaver: Nowyou candownload a great Blackbird Screensaver that contains 170 images. Thereis a FreeTrial and a Full version available. Go here for details or to download: can special order the Image Blackbird Screensaver or the SR-71VideoScreensaver on CD-ROM using PayPal Secure ordering (All Major CreditCards) atthis URL: _Order.htm

NewArt Print by John Shaw Released by the Blackbird Association: Artwork by John Shaw titled"Outrunthe Thunder" contains over 30 Crewmember signatures. Details and orderinformation is available at the underlined link.

Owna Piece of Titanium From a Blackbird: Dan Freeman,a Retired Air Force Machine Shop Chief is offering unique Titanium articles forsale at this web site. You can custom order to fit your needs. All Titanium thatwas stored at Barstow (2,151,760 lbs total of all materials) has been shreddedand recycled. A must see Web Site!

The X-43A flight easily set a world speed record for anair-breathing or jetengine aircraft. The previous known record was held by a ramjet poweredmissile, which achieved slightly over Mach 5. High-speed air-breathingengines, like a ramjet, mix compressed air from the atmosphere withfuel to provide combustion. The same is true of the scramjetor supersonic combustion ramjet that powers the X-43A. The highestspeed attained by a rocket-powered airplane, NASA's X-15 aircraft, wasMach 6.7. The fastest air-breathing manned vehicle, the SR-71, achievedslightly more than Mach 3. The X-43A more than doubled the top speed ofthe jet-powered SR-71.

Thank you for visiting my webpage.I hope the information and links provided will assist you in yourschoolreport or information you desire about one of the most unique aircraftever built...The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Specific data information was providedby Air Force Magazine and written by William P. Schlitz, October 1974. One othersource was the U.S.A.F. Aerospace Safety magazine, November1974. The greatest source of all though was the people that designed, flew andmaintained the Blackbirds.....The Blackbird Family. Thank you for yourcontributions to this website.

There has been a tremendousamountof contributions made by members of the Blackbird Community since thisweb page started in 1996. Credit is given on each individual'scontributionon the page's in which their photos and or documents appear. Thewebmasterfor this site is indebted and grateful for their cooperation in makingthis web site as historically accurate as possible. A large portion ofthis web site is copyrighted and reproduction of images and/or text isprohibited. Storage on any retrieval system is prohibited. In mostcases,permission to reproduce data from this site for news articles will begranted.Contact SR71webmaster@sr71.usfor inquiries. In addition, all students of Aeronautical Studies mayuseany and all material on this web site to further their educationalgoals,however this material may not be used on any web pages or books withoutthe permission of the original copyright holder. Top lead-in photobelongsto the author and may be reproduced with proper credit. "SR-71Blackbird"(sr71fi1.jpg) is the copyrighted art work of Edwin Markham and may notbe reproduced in any format without his permission. "Last Hot Flight"and"Final Ascent" is the art works of Dru Blair and may not be reproducedin any format. Permission to use these art works has been grantedexclusivelyfor use on these pages. "Pilots" belong to the author and may not bereproducedin any format without permission. "Shock Diamonds" photo-sr71engb.jpgbelongsto DeWayne Currier. "Final Flight" belongs to the Smithsonian; TheLockheedBlackbird Photo Archive is copyrighted by Lockheed Martin Corporation(permissiongranted). The 45 Photos taken at Farnborough belong to Lockheed, JimFitzgeraldor the Author. All other photo credits and data contained within thissite isthe copyrighted property of the Auburn Files in cooperation with LelandHaynes,author and webmaster "SR-71 Blackbirds".Since January 2011, this site is maintained and updated by David Allison,

Hi, I\u2019m Kelli, and I\u2019m the brain behind Mountain of Ink. I\u2019m a homeschooling mama of three littles, full-time student, aspiring photographer, amateur chef, and lover of all things stationery. I think any day that doesn\u2019t involve learning and playing with ink is a day wasted. On my site you will find fountain pen, ink, and paper reviews, along with stationery bits and bobs along the way. You can find me @mountainofink on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 041b061a72


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