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VideoSolo Screen Recorder Free |TOP| Download

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demands towards online working, studying, communicating have soared at an incredible speed. This phenomenon pushed the development of all kinds of screen recording tools. People begin to search for free online screen recorders to capture any screen activities such as meetings, gaming, video calls, and so forth without downloading screen recorder software. Therefore, this blog will provide the following core ideas to you, which include:

VideoSolo Screen Recorder Free Download


A screen recorder stands for the utility software that can help us record an entire (or a part) of the computers or portable devices' screens. During the recording process, all the activities that appeared within the recording area will be tracked and saved to the recorded videos, including your cursor movements, page swift, and so forth.

With a screen recorder, we can keep many valuable or crucial moments while interacting with electronic devices. For instance, most people would use screen recording tools to record some streaming live or gaming videos. Furthermore, others would also use them to keep learning materials, business presentations, online meetings, and so forth for working or studying purposes.

We know the targeted life scenes when we could use a screen recorder now. But to choose a qualified one may be a big project for some people, as there are lots of options on the market. Therefore, here sums up a brief conclusion of the basic factors a reliable screen recorder should process:

What are the differences between web-based screen recorder and screen recording software?A crucial difference to distinguish the benefit of using desktop screen recording software should be stability. The performance of a web-based screen recorder highly depends on the compatibility of the web browser. Despite this, online screen recorders also process high requirements towards the network status. By comparison, screen recording software can complete the recording function offline, even without Internet available.

A representative professional screen recording software for desktops should be VideoSolo Screen Recorder. Comparing to online recording services, VideoSolo Screen Recorder shows its superiority in several aspects, including its easy-using interface, lightweight size, low CPU occupation, HD quality for resolving the recordings, adjustable output settings, extra editing tools to decorate the recordings, etc. Quick download VideoSolo Screen Recorder to start recording your screen freely now:

Each coin has two sides. Even though online screen recorders have a high dependency on the network, they still bring benefits like the availability on all devices. The convenience attracts plenty of users to select.

Let's come back to the main target of the blog. As we concluded above, online screen recorders are welcomed because of their high compatibility, easy-using feature, and without the need to install an app. After glancing through the market and tested, here comes out the 5 best online screen recorders that bring outperforming ability to help you record screens on any device. Who are they? Take a look!

AceThinker empowers a popular Online Screen Recorder for resolving the increasing needs of users to record screens on any device. With no software download required, AceThinker Online Screen Recorder assists users to capture screen activities on screens only with a web browser opened. Furthermore, AceThinker guarantees the original recording quality, and its intuitive interface will also lighten up the tool for its easy-using characteristic.

Now we come to the second online screen recorder. ScreenApp.IO is the protagonist of this part. This free screen recorder online is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser. Simply by pressing the Get Started button provided on its home page, you will be navigated to start recording the screen directly. ScreenApp.IO empowers high recording quality and is selectable to decide the recording mode. You can also select to record the screen with the microphone or system audio on.

Don't miss iTop Screen Recorder if you are searching for a high-rated one. Fully supported by the mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera), iTop Screen Recorder invites users with frequent demands to record screens to try this outperforming online screen recorder. Without requiring you to log in to an account, you can directly initiate a recording by pressing the button provided on the product page. iTop Screen Recorder allows you to record screen with audio, so you can use it to record more activities such as gaming, online meetings, lectures, movies, TV shows, and so forth.

Apowersoft equips the free online screen recorder with its launched desktop version. You don't require to install an extension for running the online screen recording tool provided by Apowersoft, however, you will be guided to add a launcher when the first time you utilize it. After this simple setup, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is ready to help you capture any screens! After the recording, the recorder will also allow you to save the video content to a local folder, or directly share it on video-hosting websites such as RecCloud and YouTube.

Need a more professional online screen recorder for education or business use? Panopto Express is absolutely the top 1 choice. This web-based screen recorder is suitable for narrate presentations, lessons, how-to videos, or product demonstrations. After the recording, you can directly download the videos for sharing through social platforms, YouTube, or other ways. Panopto Express will not access your recorded videos for its high values paid for by all users. High-quality recording needed? Panopto Express is strongly recommended!

After reviewing these 5 best online screen recorders, do you have an ideal selection in mind? When you need to record any activities on your devices, open the web browser and land on the online screen recorder main feed, and you can initiate the recording immediately with no software installed. Try and enjoy a convenient recording experience!

VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a multi-function screen recorder with convenience and high resolution. You can take well advantage of its timing recording function when you are afraid of missing the time of your favorite game live or sport live. In terms of recording area, VideoSolo Screen Recorder provides you with full screen recording and custom area recording, at the same time, you can also record in the specified window. After finishing recording, it will flexibly save the record you need.

Camtasia is a free screen recording tool developed by TechSmith. It has more than 73 million users nationwide and is popular in hundreds of countries. It allows users to set timed recording tasks from the "Task Scheduler" while allowing them to capture, edit and create great videos. If you're not satisfied with the timed videos, you can make your videos more engaging with built-in animations, templates, and themes. But the free trial only lasts 30 days, so you only have 30 days to experience the full features of this tool, after which your exported videos will be watermarked.

Apowersoft is a free screen recorder that is easy to use for beginners. It is easy to operate, what you need to do is just open the software online and go the "Task Scheduler" to create a task. It supports Windows and Mac versions. Once you're finished recording, you can post the video to a number of online platforms, such as YouTube, Google or Dropbox. While Apowersoft's screen recording feature appeals to most users, it lacks video editing, so you can't edit a recorded video online.

According to the text introduction and the statistics of the table above, you can intuitively understand the advantages and disadvantages of each product, as well as the performance of the script, so as to choose a screen timing recorder suitable for your own. From the final score of the table, we can see that VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a relatively prominent product among the six products. It is a reliable screen recording tool with clear screen quality, flexible recording area setting, various editing tools and high-definition lossless output quality without watermarks. So you can download it to have a try and if you have any questions,you can leave a message in the comment section, and we have a professional customer service team to answer it for you.

Some of the other cool features of the VideoSolo Screen Recorder include an independent audio recorder, one-click snapshot during the screen recording, defining the recording area, exporting to various formats, mouse tracking, shortcut controls, and much more.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a versatile tool for converting, editing, downloading, and resizing videos. But one of its most prominent features is to create screen recordings. It enables you to record videos from your Mac built-in camera or an external webcam in superb quality.

Monosnap is a screen capture application that is on par with (or probably even better than) the once free Droplr. We say better because, unlike Droplr, Monosnap is free and includes features like in-built image editing, the option to upload your files to your own server, and finally, screen recording.

Download VideoSolo Screen Recorder 1.2 full version program free setup for Windows. VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a small yet powerful program developed for recording PC screens, system sound & Microphones, and taking snapshots.

It has an independent audio recorder, which can record all types of music, radio, or online audio and save them to high-quality MP3/AAC/M4A/WMA audio tracks. It also empowers you to record your own sound from the microphone. Moreover, it also enables you to capture snapshots of particular screen areas, then uses drawing tools to highlight image hotspots or points of interest. This feature can also be done while recording videos. 041b061a72


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