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Monopoly Board Template Free Download !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Like lots of people before me, I just want to say thanks for the template. The files are amazingly organized, and you are going to make my goal of a totally professional looking custom monopoly so much easier. I love the internet, and the culture of sharing it promotes. THANKS AGAIN

Monopoly Board Template Free Download


Thank you so much! In my Socials 9 class, we had a board game project to teach people about the events that occured during the French Revolution era, and this worked perfectly. We printed the deed cards on cardstock to their exact real-monopoly dimensions, and the board we had printed at Staples for $25 on laminate paper. This template is amazing!

One thing that is important to note is that I use Microsoft Publisher to design board games. This is a simple program to use that many people already have on their computers. If you have Microsoft Office Suite, you should have Microsoft Publisher included. You could also use another program to design your game, but for this post, I am only showing you how to create it in Microsoft Publisher. Also, the free templates included are Microsoft Publisher files, so you will need that program in order to edit them.

These templates are located in our Resource Library along with lots of other free printables you can use. If you have not signed up for our resource library yet, you can click on the picture below.

The templates use Microsoft Publisher, so you will have to have Microsoft Publisher installed on your computer in order to open them. When you click on the pictures in the resource library, the files will download as zip files. Each zip file contains a template, so you can just download the ones you are interested in. If you have trouble figuring out how to download or open the zip files, feel free to email me at and I can help you.

Depending on the theme you choose for your game, you might want to download some cool fonts from the internet that you can use. For example, when I created my Harry Potter Monopoly game, I downloaded several free fonts that make it look more like Harry Potter.

Once you download any fonts you would like, make sure you install them. Then, they will show up in the font list on Microsoft Publisher. If you need help figuring out how to install fonts, feel free to email me at and I can help you out.

Once you have all your templates filled in, you can print them. Most items can be easily printed at home. You can certainly print the game board and box lid at home as well, but you might consider having those printed professionally.

Designing a custom board for someone's birthday. This will make such a fun game night! Thank you for sharing this for free!! I also didn't know the complete rules. This will definitely speed up the game.

I realize it's been 8 years since you created this vector art of the Seminopoly board, and the link doesn't seem to work anymore. Any chance you still have it available? I have to create a custom monopoly game for a small vendor show, it's all internal fun. I'm. happy to credit/donate, etc... Thank you so much!

We are fighting a developer encroaching on our town property and this board will be the perfect background template to list our local streets. Thanks for sharing and your support. Hope we win the battle AND the right to keep our property natural for years to come. Cheers! KG from Brooklyn

This template is used to make a Monopoly board layout. It can be used for a standard board, yet is robust enough to handle alternate colors, nonstandard layouts and even the mega-boards with additional spaces. Below is an example of what this template produces.

Below is the template code (with standard property data filled in) that you can use to produce a board layout. It would be best to copy it directly, paste it into your editing window and edit it to produce another Monopoly board. But before you do, there are some important notes you should read. So scroll down and review the rest of this documentation.

First, if the board is anything other than the standard 40 space layout (9 per side plus 4 corners) you'll have to alter one or both of the variables spaces_horizontal and spaces_vertical. These correspond to the number of spaces between the corners. The template can handle as little as 1 and as many as 12 spaces per side.

Today I have made a fun Free Printable Monopoly Like Board template and Play Money that you can use to make your own monopoly-like board game. These printables are a treat for DIY lovers. You can create a board game with the names from your neighborhood and create a fun game for kids. You can create a game to give as a birthday gift or Christmas gift and you can also make a game board for your grandkids by using this template. I have also made play money with bills of 1, 5, 10, 20, 100, and 500. You can use this play money for several fun projects as well. I have made separate sheets for each amount so you can print as many bills as you like.

I have made this monopoly-like blank template in 2222 inches and also in A3 size. You can get this template printed on heavy card stock from a print shop, add names and colors to it and create your own game and set your own rules. You can seek inspiration from Pinterest.

Here is the Monopoly-like game board template that I have created for you. All the spaces are blank so you can fill them with colored pencils, markers, watercolors, or pieces of paper. You can write down the names of your own places and make your own prices.

Monopoly is one of the most beloved board games to play with family and friends, making it an obvious choice for board games to play online. There are several ways to play Monopoly games online, including downloading apps or playing tabletop simulators. Rento tends to be the easiest option. The site allows for up to six players and has a feature to invite Facebook friends, as well as download options for smartphones and video game consoles. Users can choose from different boards, dice, and pawns to keep the game interesting.

Scrabble is one of the best free online games to play with friends. There are many ways to play the classic word game on the web, including using the app Words With Friends, or DIY-ing your own board in Google Sheets. However, Pogo offers the most seamless online version of the game. You will have to register for a free account and invite your friends to your game, however Pogo does not display as many ads as some competitors, and also includes fun mini games and rewards.

Taboo is a word game that involves players describing a term for their team to guess without using any of the listed similar words. There is a digital version of the game called eTABU that is available in PC version and smartphone apps which includes a social component. For best results, participants should play the game together on video meeting software. Gamemasters can also create a DIY version of the game by using a free slideshow template.

Settlers of Catan is a world building game where players win points based on achieving certain milestones within created civilizations. Catan Universe is an official online multiplayer version of the board game available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The game comes in card game or board game version for up to three players, with free options available, and includes high definition graphics and seamless animations.

Pogo is an online game platform that offers many types of games including board games, card games, word games, Mahjong, hidden object challenges, and puzzles. Registration is free, and the site offers multiplayer modes as well as online challenges. Most notably, Pogo hosts one of the best online multiplayer Scrabble games.

You may want to play games with friends while on the go as opposed to parking yourself in front of your laptop or desktop. Google Play and the App Store have a variety of board game apps you can purchase or download free and play with friends via mobile device.

I'm looking for an interactive board game template along the lines of monopoly or cluedo or game of life, that will take the learner on a journey (annual cycle) and understand the steps along the way. Does anyone have anything that they could show/give :)

Creating card game and game board templates, however, can take time away from the content of a course. Adjusting borders, cell padding, and tables can take hours away from the language you are trying to teach and or the concepts you are trying to review. It would be a whole lot easier if someone would just make a bunch of templates and share them with everyone else, right?

My goal is simply to share. Sharing gives me a reason to tidy up unfinished ideas that I have had knocking about my hard drive for years. These templates are something I started working on in 2002 while working at Chonnam University in Kwangju, South Korea. Sharing might also bring in new visitors to my website and could introduce them to my free grammar checker, a project I have been working on since 2012.

For more free games, have a look at my free downloads page. For example, there is a card game for learning sports-games-and-exercise, a free Go Fish card game, and a game for learning advanced vocabulary and tricky translations from French. If you are looking to order a textbook that uses vocabulary card games in a college-level English class, see my products page.

Here is a game board template designed specifically for 4 players. The spaces are large enough that you can write instructions in each square. When players land on a square, you can have them select a card or instruct younger players to do silly things like sing a song or count by fives.

This template has a nice shape with a double headed cross in the center. You sacrifice spaces and room to write in the boxes when you experiment with the shape of the game board. Therefore, experimenting with colours and cards, money, or another kind of point system could work.

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