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J2t Reward Points Nulled Scripts

The module allows a tremendous configuration setup. You can also decide if you want to inform your customers before points expire and choose a different image to place on your website in the reward points areas. The configuration is very large and you can set up a variety of information, including the point rates, transactional email templates, set up referral section!

J2t Reward Points Nulled Scripts

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With J2T Points and rewards - Loyalty program, you can also set up a referral program, that will allow your customers to gather points when referring to a friend. Customers can decide to share the referral link on their blog or social profile, for example, share with the use of add this button or even submit the referral form. Many ways for them to gather points and for you to get new customers! It is possible to define minimum cart amount as well as cart ratio for points collected by referrer and extra points allocated to a referred friend!

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