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[S6E3] Confection

The duo we did get, though, was an unexpected and incredible surprise, with really fun costumes and a stellar performance that has us scratching both sides of our heads. Banana Split was joined this week by a duck, a one-eyed heart, a dog and a sweet confection.

[S6E3] Confection

The best TV shows are a blend of light and dark, and in the case of "Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson," this was done by adding a simple conceit; not all alien delicacies are safe for human consumption. The plot was seeded early on, when Fitz arrived on Kitson and came close to eating confectionery that has a hallucinogenic impact on Terrans. Enoch warned him away, but there was no Chronicom Recorder to tell Quake and Daisy. Soon they were stoned, giggling and high-fiving one another, ultimately spending 20 minutes talking underneath a gambling table. 041b061a72

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