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Hello Writers,

This is a forum to share your New or Novel ideas. The topic for the first one will be:

Do Not Be Fearful (how appropriate)

I want to know, what does the idea of fearlessness, or more directly - a command against fear - mean to You. Does it interest you? Do you want to uncover the depths of your fear based tendencies? Do you not have any? Are you afraid to find out if you do?

To get the ball rolling - let the butter churn your brain (or maybe your brain is the butter) on the idea - Do Not Be Fearful. I'll go first.

We forget about fear, often telling ourselves: That's Not Me. I am FEARLESS.

We live in a power society, one that wants More. We scarcely accept the weakling idea of - fearfulness. But I find, that the only thing stopping us from Reaching Our Destiny is Fear. Fear of Death (NAY! NOT I! I can hear the cries already) Fear of Gaining weight (looking, some type of way, fear of the Other) Fear of confronting our own internal truths - SCREEEEECH.

That is the big one, and the one I want to rest on - the one which draws us back to the Fear of All Others.

The Fear of Confronting Ourselves. Who are we? What are our downsides? We do not like to look - or do we? A self dissection, is the only way to flay the innards of the soul. And when the soul is flayed you see: It is perfect. But the scary part is making that first incision. And why?

Aha! I'll tell you why, Because the Fabric of Society (the illusion) we've made for Ourselves - which we scant prove, nay disprove exists - rests on the idea of Distraction, from Recognition (of our perfect-ness, our Innocence, our Divinity)

And I'll tell you why. Because we feel we have Lost something. We are afraid we have Run away and we will be punished upon the return. But it isn't True.

The way to Win (and YES we are here to WIN, the World. Be Biggest, Best (you get it)) is to make yourself small. To humble yourself. The truth is always counter intuitive - and always Counter, to Everything you think you are supposed to Do to Move Forward, It's really Best to: Stop.

Errrr. Breaks. Hold the Phone, pull the ripcord. Let that one Loose, and you see the slow sputter, sputter sputter, to a Halt: Of all the things we've Built for ourselves. I say "we" a collective - then why do we feel they are all things that have been made 'for' us, hurdles to surpass, jump over (to victory?) or to self discovery - THINGS, we recognize are THERE.

They are distractions - I'll say it again - from our Divinity. The innate knowing, that We are the Creators, of Eternity. But not "we" that we know - The We we have forgotten, ever present omniscient (that's right, we wouldn't know the words, if they weren't inside of US - as beings, of Creation.) We are IT.

But we are SCARED. Of unfolding the curtain and finding ourselves, having Wasted, Precious Time - Will we be PUNISHED? The answer, unequivocally - Is NO.

Because, when you peel back the layers, you find a satisfying Nothing. Apart, from what has been there, and always will be. We Are Safe. The Holy Instant.

But first, you must humble yourself, to yourself - the Creation, the Creator. To God. (there I said It) It is true. There are so many words, and we are beating the same refrain - blah blah blah blah "I feel it TOO! Do you hear me?" It's passe. There is No Fear, in your Perfect Love. No Fear, even, Of Yourself.


This is a group for *writers* to share their new, or novel i...

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