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AutoCAD 2013: What You Need to Know Before You Crack It

AutoCAD 2013: Alternatives, Tips, and Tricks

AutoCAD 2013 is a leading CAD (computer-aided design) software that can help you with product or building design, manufacturing planning, construction, and civil infrastructure. It has a wide range of features and capabilities that can create almost any shape imaginable, explore design ideas, increase efficiency, and share your work with others. However, AutoCAD 2013 is not the only option available for your CAD needs. There are many alternatives that can offer similar or different functionality, compatibility, cost, and ease of use. Moreover, there are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your productivity and skills in AutoCAD 2013. In this article, we will provide you with some useful information on these topics, based on the web search results we have gathered for you.



Alternatives to AutoCAD 2013

If you are looking for alternatives to AutoCAD 2013, you may have different reasons. Maybe you want a free or cheaper option, maybe you want a more specialized or simpler tool, maybe you want a cross-platform or Linux-compatible software, or maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever your reason, here are some of the best alternatives to AutoCAD 2013 that you can consider.


FreeCAD is a free and open source parametric 3D CAD modeler that can be used for various engineering and design purposes. It supports many file formats, including DWG, which is the native format of AutoCAD. It has a modular architecture that allows you to switch between different workbenches for different tasks, such as sketching, drafting, modeling, rendering, simulation, etc. You can also create your own workbenches or install additional ones from the community. FreeCAD is cross-platform and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and BSD.


  • Free and open source

  • Cross-platform

  • Supports many file formats

  • Parametric modeling

  • Modular architecture


  • Still in development

  • Lacks some advanced features

Not very intuitive or , you can use L to start the LINE command, C to start the CIRCLE command, E to start the ERASE command, and so on. You can also use combinations of keys, such as CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+V to paste, CTRL+Z to undo, and CTRL+Y to redo. You can use the CUI (customize user interface) command to manage your keyboard shortcuts and create your own ones. You can also export and import your keyboard shortcuts to use them on different computers or share them with others.


  • Speeds up your work

  • Reduces mouse clicks and movements

  • Customizable and sharable


  • Requires memorization

  • May conflict with other software or system shortcuts

  • May vary depending on the language or keyboard layout

Command line

Another way to access commands quickly in AutoCAD 2013 is to use the command line. The command line is a text-based interface that allows you to enter commands, options, and values directly. You can use the command line to execute any command that is available in the ribbon or the menus, as well as some commands that are not. You can also use the autocomplete feature to save time and avoid spelling errors. The autocomplete feature suggests possible commands or options as you type, and you can select them by pressing TAB or ENTER. You can also use the right-click customization to enable time-sensitive menus or enter key functionality. The time-sensitive menus show different options depending on how long you press the right mouse button. The enter key functionality allows you to repeat the last command by pressing ENTER or SPACEBAR.


  • Speeds up your work

  • Provides more options and flexibility

  • Autocomplete feature

  • Right-click customization


  • Requires memorization

  • Not very intuitive or user-friendly

  • Takes up screen space

In-canvas viewport control

A useful feature that was introduced in AutoCAD 2012 and improved in AutoCAD 2013 is the in-canvas viewport control. This feature allows you to set up or modify viewports, views, and visual styles directly from the drawing window, without using the ribbon or the menus. You can use the in-canvas viewport control to create multiple viewports, switch between different views, change the visual style, adjust the scale, and lock or unlock viewports. You can also use the CTRL+R shortcut to cycle through viewports, or use the VPORTS command to create and manage viewports.


  • Simplifies viewport setup and modification

  • Provides easy access to views and visual styles

  • Improves drawing efficiency and accuracy


  • May interfere with some commands or objects

  • May not work well with some graphics cards or drivers

  • May not be compatible with some older versions of AutoCAD


In this article, we have provided you with some useful information on AutoCAD 2013, a powerful and popular CAD software that can help you with design, drafting, and documentation. We have also discussed some alternatives to AutoCAD 2013 that can offer similar or different functionality, compatibility, cost, and ease of use. Moreover, we have shared some tips and tricks that can help you improve your productivity and skills in AutoCAD 2013. We hope that this article has been helpful and informative for you. If you want to learn more about AutoCAD 2013 or any of its alternatives, tips, or tricks, you can check out some of the links or references below. Alternatively, you can also contact us or leave a comment if you have any feedback or questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about AutoCAD 2013 and its alternatives, tips, and tricks.

Q: How can I download and install AutoCAD 2013?

A: You can download and install AutoCAD 2013 from the official Autodesk website or from an authorized reseller. You will need a valid license or subscription to activate the software. You can also use a free trial version for 30 days. To install AutoCAD 2013, you will need to meet the minimum system requirements, which include Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8, 2 GB of RAM, 6 GB of disk space, and a 1,024 x 768 display resolution.

Q: How can I crack AutoCAD 2013?

A: Cracking AutoCAD 2013 is illegal and unethical. It violates the terms and conditions of the software license agreement and may expose you to legal consequences or security risks. Moreover, cracking AutoCAD 2013 may not work properly or may damage your system or data. Therefore, we do not recommend or support cracking AutoCAD 2013. If you want to use AutoCAD 2013 for free, you can use the free trial version or the student version. Alternatively, you can use one of the free or cheaper alternatives to AutoCAD 2013 that we have discussed in this article.

Q: What are the differences between AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD LT 2013?

A: AutoCAD LT 2013 is a simplified and cheaper version of AutoCAD 2013. It has the same core features and functionality as AutoCAD 2013, but it lacks some advanced features and capabilities, such as 3D modeling, rendering, customization, programming, network licensing, etc. AutoCAD LT 2013 is suitable for users who only need basic 2D drafting and documentation tools. AutoCAD 2013 is suitable for users who need more comprehensive and sophisticated CAD tools for design, analysis, visualization, and collaboration.

Q: How can I learn AutoCAD 2013?

A: There are many ways to learn AutoCAD 2013. You can use the built-in help system, tutorials, videos, guides, and tips that are available in the software or on the Autodesk website. You can also take online courses, webinars, or certifications that are offered by Autodesk or other providers. You can also read books, blogs, articles, or forums that cover various topics and aspects of AutoCAD 2013. You can also practice your skills by working on projects, exercises, or challenges that are related to your field or interest.

Q: How can I update or upgrade AutoCAD 2013?

A: You can update or upgrade AutoCAD 2013 by downloading and installing the latest service packs, hotfixes, patches, or updates that are available from Autodesk. These updates can fix bugs, improve performance, add features, or enhance compatibility with other software or hardware. You can also upgrade AutoCAD 2013 to a newer version of AutoCAD by purchasing a new license or subscription from Autodesk or an authorized reseller. You can also trade in your old license for a discount on a new one. dcd2dc6462

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