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Painted During Pandemic

Erinn painted these during the 2020 "Global Pandemic". This was a time frought with feelings of anxiety and during a new wave of a commercialized recognition of the principles of Manifestation doctrine. 


The Oklahoma Skyline ignites the legitimacy of the Sensus Divinitatis doctrine.

The Manifestation Doctrine popularized by Wallance D Wattles is the idea that the universe is comprised of thinking stuff and thoughts become things in this way. The Sensus Divinitatis doctrine is the idea that through the experience of awe inspiring beauty you can understand the feeling and the spirit of God. Erinn sees God as a Greater Than force of which she is connected inexplicably and it is for this reason which she feels no need to explicate. 

The experience of combining colors to the painting, coupled with the characteristic hidden words of encouragement replicated the experience she gets from looking at a beautiful landscape - amidst times of global turmoil.

These paintings created during this time, remind her of the duality of the Online and Offline experience.

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