Nothing new under the Sun

The political and social strife we are feeling is a collection of centuries of the same feeling. The strife has already been felt, and purged and felt and purged. Its a roaring ocean of never ending waves. All crashing agains the shores of humanity - each time we feel it it is as if it is the first time. We are engulfed and can see nothing else, hear nothing else. We speculate at broader implications, a pond in the real riptide vastness that this minutia stems from.

This is not new. We are not new and our situation is not new. This has always been, and it will always be. Highs and lows to every season. The seasons stretching out continually. Revolutions come. That is science. Waves come, that is science. There is no stillness because we are always moving, continually falling back onto ourselves. finding ourselves in the same place with different details. More details maybe, but new nonethless.

What then, do we get angry about. Do we get angry at the details? Or do we get angry at the revolution. When a man’s family is killed, he hunts the killer and then he turns against God. We assume two causes, recognizing that one is able to be killed - the other only hated.

We know that we can not fight the waves. We let the waves engulf us and then use their momentum, having no choice but to let them wash us to shore.

We plot against, and speculate on the details because we see our power over them. We focus on things we are powerful over. Things we see have been changed, we reduce reduce reduce our scope to make ourselves feel like god. We reduce our views, cleaning the narrative, distilling it into even more details. The smaller the details the larger we become, forgetting that we are details ourselves. We will get a glimpse of this “futility” “romance” “death and taxes” but not while also grasping the scope, to the same degree. We have seen the details and know that those details are not consistent with the idea of romance futility - but also that they point to the same.

We say the words “revolution” and forget the ones that have come before it. The word implying what it means - revolution - a spinning back onto ourselves, an exit from and return to the same place- but that is not what we are hearing.

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