an update July 15, 2020

I am painting today.

I am in a journey of - 'multiple days off'. As the ones around me scramble to justify themselves with what they do, and how they make money on a day to day basis: I am Chill.

Or at least trying to be.

There are many things, I'm "trying to be". One of them - someone who doesn't 'try' to do anything, and can just be Myself.

But I am trying. Without the fervent intensity that the word implies. Why does 'try' have to be so hard, why - again - can't it just be; "chill'

Today I am painting. Finishing my reflections on an oil leak. Learning.

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I have been reading, reading reading reading. I am for sure, going with the flow in that capacity. Wherever the Spirit takes me, I am trying to go: With the exception of course, of the mental blockage