BORDERS: The Time Traveling Fortune Teller

I was listening to Borders by MIA. This came out in 2015 - September. She talks about separations, divisions, obstructions - lesions on the lobe of the brain - Bright with clarity, character. "Borders" "What's up with that?" - Your sanity? Whats up with that? Your clarity? What's up with that?" - a chant, it steeps in your bone. A broth - questioning. "Whats up with that?" We question - whats up with that? Ourselves.

I was surged - my thoughts - to now.

2020 - nearly 5 years later. Fully - the Future, but Fully- the Past? No - have leaps and bounds been taken or have we merely repeated ourselves? Where are we from? Past or Present? Here or Now? Our finger looking back, and forth.

Some of the words she says in this are so preimpitively storytelling, it's scary. "Queen - a reference to an oligarchical state." What's up with that? Killing it? WUWT? Slay? Breaking internet? Your ego? Your power? and most importantly "Keeping up with all that" [Gonna keep up with all that] an amazing display of cinema-lective language (a language that brings to mind a descriptive picture. to mind a descriptive picture (like a movie of cinema))

She's speaking - about Now.

I'm looking, at her Voice - my face, I've been observing. A consumptive face - an elective face - a blind adopted face, of Nobody. Nothing. It's spoken. Here. 5 years before.

In our faces. Clearly lies a dynamic. Us of existing here and Us as existing now (the present). Us viewing This. We are lucky to have a jar to pull from - a memory bank. Smash that little piggy onto the ground. To smithereens. Can you imagine, a world? A time so denounced from Reality - their simulation, a completely different existence.

"Live fast die young, bad girls do it well" "My chain hits my chest when I'm banging on the dash - board" More of these words, rhythmically inclined and yet - they call out, a Warrior. In power. In Depth.

She's fluid her dynamic with herself her words flow out like water - praise her exhalt her, of speech. She's cool - Borders - No different. But, more, in an alternate prose. The album MetahDatah promits a strong mental aura. The same evocative tune. But, what? Is she talking about. A collection of information a sequestering of ideas. Categorizing, conglomeratizing. Building, rigid Borders - of code. Ideas. synthesized production. Zaps - into the ether, into - Ourselves.

MetahDatah hits on a tone of a time in a Big way. 5 years in a time that changes so fast - is a Time - to be timeless.

Although I have no idea what she is doing now, nor to the details that her particular life has taken, her music progression has consistently alarmed me. Jarred, jolted - or swayed. The subtle nuances of the shiftng and beats, all those little things that send you back or take you somewhere - an inevitable kind of shifting, even when you don't want to be moved. There''s always something that sticks in your ear - but there is something that sticks in your head - alarms you: informs. A binary infusion - of thought.

"Hi, thank you," "I'll take this." And they're walking together amicably. This is how, you're informed by thought. A gesture, a wink, a nudge - you know. A thought transfer. This melodic chorus of mantras. Nudging us along - shushing us of praise. enveloping us in harmonic distractions, giving Us something to praise.

Listening now - i quiver - in recognition, of being Placed. Given a reference point, to Spirit. Hello - we still exhalt the same things

But I feel a shift has been being made - one, is making. Itself - consistently forward. In line with the appropriate approach - Having been made to seem like heathens, they've begun - to question - themselves - This pattern reiterated (North, South, East, or Western) on every iterative scale.

These words - that have yet to be spoken, going up in alarming scale. A unification of Voice. Forceful in their reserve. They've lasted through the ages, repeated - at every cycle.

Molecular to metaphysical a pattern of elliptical motion. Her voice rings out on a massive scale - orbital. It comes back to us.

Hallow and true - the clacking of keys in the background signify our cultural Need: for a warrior - the be fierce - in our ways - championing, a vigilante, heroine-izing a slave. The vigilante had to be a multi-trillion dollar CEO of a company the inherited from his adopted parents; obfuscating further, The View.

Things are not as they seem but clearly: They Were, as was so eloquently spoken, combine created, built, formed, framed, thrust forward along those discursive, discursive slopes of harmonic blur - vibrating whinny and tinny. Those noises that you know - when you hear. The ones - that exist, even though we've forgotten.

Borders. Reminds us, grabs us from our heads with words that sound like "weed and smartphones" wrapped with syllabic intention and makes us bob our heads - Buzzwords we like them - even if it's only one. This song on the album rang true to my ear. Bing bang boom. I felt seen. Scene, And I felt like it had seen me. Thank you now, for this song 2 years in advance. 5 years too late, whatever the appropriate method of time transfer elocution we are trying to convey. Having been totally and utterly shattered. By your song of 5 years - where we can slip to the future. The Past. Oh well, I'm sure we'll be revisiting this soon, enough again - to make whichever true.

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