How We Should Pray

A prayer is just Talking To God.

The only problem (and it is a problem, a real problem, in that it goes unseen prevalent slipping into invisibility right before our eyes - in - every - moment) is that we have forgotten how to talk to... even each other.

Talking in general has become a game, automatic, dull of rote communication. Preprogrammed responses and affectations of ourselves. We are Speaking, but not communicating the truth within us. - because, we don't know who we are.

We are out of touch with our SELVES. The part of us that is true and genuine, and feels comfortable, expressing what they want, what they need, and who they are.

We have forgotten who we are, and how lovable we are - and therefore: We have stopped talking to each other.

Now imagine, you are speaking to The One who Loves you; unconditionally. A phrase that - automatic as it has become; has stopped meaning the thing it means. We hear unconditional Love from The One Who Created Us, and we go numb from over stimulus. Imagine: You are looking at someone who is looking back at you knowing that you can do no wrong. Looking at you, knowing ever single thing that you've ever done you felt was incorrect, or shameful and saying - telling you "It's not that bad" "it's not, who you are." And you believe them.

That's the kicker - imagine now, you actually believe them. And you accept that love, into your heart. Love for yourself, given to you by the one who created you, the one who knows.

Now imagine talking to that person about everything - anything you want, are thinking are doing - holding that love for yourself, given freely by them, in your heart. Illuminating the love back to yourself always. Imagine now talking to them. In prayer, or in conversation.

I try and pray like that, continually - and I try and talk to others in that way. It becomes hard, when you get into that preprogrammed way of speaking, in response to what was just said - but the more we do it the more it is done. And the practice makes it become the preprogrammed way of speaking. And the best part is: We learn to love ourselves, truly. To feel the love we have of the Whole World Around Us, and turn it back, deservingly onto ourselves. This is how we should pray.

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