June 29th 2020 - Thoughts on Conversation

This is just a journal entry of the thoughts that I am having today. But of course the thoughts I am having range from: CONCEPTS I THINK ABOUT OFTEN, to SPLIT SECOND SNAP SHOTS OF CLARITY ABOUT THE UNIVERSE.

Its always holed up somewhere, in the mundane. Those moments. Because, its got to be just trivial things, that spark a synapse. Something I see, or something that someone says that makes my brain go “BHUZZ”.

I was talking to my brother Jacob last night and he confirmed. He said he did the same thing. Or - had the same response too the thing that overtakes us. He said he would have moments of “HOLY CANOLI I HAVE TO WRITE THIS DOWN” About a thought he had that seemed so… important! And the urge was to write. We asked ourselves “why write it down?” Why not talk it out, right then and there - with whoever?

I’ve been settling on letting it simmer, and then hoping the time arrises to talk its out with someone in conversation. Conversations are everything after all. It doesn’t get any more INSTANT then a conversation. Even though we often forget this fact, mid talk. We could be in the middle of a conversation and we'll go on autopilot. UHHH. NO! This is serious?? but instead - we will nod our head, glassy eyed. So weird. So bizarre. A clear and open receiver ready to engage in primal creation - and we don’t care.

I think its because we’re not talking about the right things. We are just doing it to do it now. Its like sex, or processed foods. Just a salty habit that.makes us feel good. But we’re starting to feel the effects. We’re unsatisfied. I can feel the creeping itch. But a GOOD convo? WOW! THAT CAN LEAVE YOUR LEGS SHAKING! I left a conversation with my brother feeling like I’d bit the other end of a battery! I was tingling and jittery, because it just felt so: RIGHT. It reminded me what it was to be ON. When you discover what conversation was meant for.

And we discussed that topic too!

So that was today. I’m going to bed now, and I’ll post this in the morning. For practice. The future.

It all is.

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