Oh no! Our idea on the cosmos has changed!

The thing about The Spirit is that it is permeating. Everything, always at once.

The thing about life is that we view it from the lens we always have, but we are constantly in flux.

How does the flux occur? Well, the Spirit.

Philosophy has talked extensively about The Spirit. And when we think of systems like Science - they deal with The Spirit too. Only, it is categorized as the Mysterious Force of All Nature. Semantics. We are talking about the same thing with a different scope.

I'm dusting off the scope, and making it obvious. Or at least trying too. Little by little.

The Spirit is the Mystery we are forced to reconcile with, or explain away.

It is always The Spirit. The Things Unseen. Elohim.

There is a force and that is, The Spirit.

Project Update:

I am going to start writing letters to people and sending them in the mail. I am deciding what that will look like.Tangibly, and also as a whole. Internally. Will they be a story? Or will they be something like this? I think they will be a story, a growing novel. And with it - something of a discussion, about The Nature of Things.

Art Update: I made a new 4x4. So that is 2 4x4's and a 2x2 dedicated to God's Creation (landscapes, nature - and the experience of witnessing) so far. This is the Series for the Show at the end of November - that will be more like a party with art.

I am going to start doing Tick Tock's, uploading some visual. Another artistic expression, that will supplement (for my benefit) the projects I am working on, and the thoughts I am working out.They will be related in some way to these posts, and in hindsight helping me flesh out, for myself - what I've been saying all along.

I don't know what the tick tocks will look like.

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