THE Roadside Attraction

I am writing about a bale of hay.

This one;

What do we think about it? I can tell you what I do.

And that is: Often. I think about it often. Or one similar. Every time I pass one on an Oklahoma road I say some variation of "ooooaaaahhhh" "awwwweee" or "llhhoook" with my finger tapping the glass, and my eyes dangerously affixed towards the left (because I'm driving)

I sometimes contemplate pulling off, getting out, and saddling my legs across the top of one. I never have, but I've got about two dozen pictures.

But this one, an upclose snapshot says it all.

A portrait of the mundane. Haw Haw Haw! Aint it always? No really! Control F my posts for this very phrase.

But I'm painting this one. The first time, honestly - I've painted any "thing" usually I paint an amorphous 'sky' imbued with meaning. But this is very obviously (now that I mention it) a hay bale. And the other 4 in this series will be 'things' as well. How excite.

But the difference, I'm learning how to articulate is that instead of STAMPING AN IMAGE OF SOmethING INTO eXISTENcE, in a painting, and trying to capture its essence in exactitude, or even close - I just want a taste. An homage to the thing that brings the finger tap on the glass "llhhook".

This isn't finished. (Are you supposed to show a thing in its infancy?) Oh well. But just my version of the essence, so that now I can kind of just....paint. I like to add color where it shouldn't go, Get real up close and personal with the canvas breathing on it at and looking at it until we blush. LOL I love to make things more serious than they're supposed to be. And by 'things' of course I mean - obviously, the mundane.

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