The Truth About Anxiety

Banishing fear and anxiety.

It is such a thing isn’t it. Another one of those “what’s plaguing us” moments that is so steeped into our every day existences we just assume that everyone has some form of low-grade anxiousness coursing through them. This is something to observe in how we interact with each other, but also how the media (advertisements) interact with us. So lets just assume - ‘we’ or., a large portion of society is ‘suffering from, dealing with, coping with, experiencing’ some form of unsettling anxiousness.

Whether that’s from fear of the future, lack of awareness of the now, plagued by thoughts of the past - unsure of how to get to what’s to come: or worst of all - a stringing along feeling of apathy that doesn’t seem to want to break.

It comes from Fear. That is our ego expression convincing us that “we are not okay” when in reality: We are ALL (that is, totally, completely, wholey) okay.

So how do we banish this sense of fear and anxiety? I have a theory - and I believe this about everything, and to my core: The simplest way, is the actual way. I think that everything is actually very easy, and can be tapped into totally and completely - with full authority - the hard part, is simply: Sustaining.

We get so whipped from thought to thought, out of the Present moment - and have to shock ourselves back in (see blinds jolt blinds - you get it) The simple way to rid yourself of plaguing anxiety is to know, in yourself that you are Loved.

There is such a frame of reference that happens - an odd thing to say the least - it goes agains how we think about…. everything. Our newtonian scientific view of society and reality which I believe to be: False. Things don’t work in a line, and reality is not Objective. Because, reality - as parsed by countless separate minds - which are all creating their own illusion - is in itself; unknowable to many many people.

There is an Objective truth, and that is that we are all One, we are all Love, and we are all completely and utterly Okay. The ego divisions, however trap us, and stop us, and work us into a tight knit program of our own creation.

And that’s the issue. - But just as easily as we can slip into this really: the false one governed by our egos - we can ‘slip’ out of it. Or “be” pout of it - in recognition of who we Are. Through recognition that we are already out of it.

Its what the sophists were trying to hammer into our heads - or was it the stoics? - You do Not Have to Be anywhere, but in perfect harmonious Bliss with yourself, in your own mind. The perfect mind of disIllusion - regardless of circumstances.

This is a fist step in banishing fear. Along with accepting the Grace of Atonement that has been given to you by your own Creator (or the substance from which you sprang) - We are all connected, and it is all a Perfect Netscape of Generality. It’s All Gucci, Mane.

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