Transpose The Flash onto Others

There is so much for us to see around us. Sometimes I wonder: Do we even see it?

We look and look and look and look: But do we See?

And by that I mean - the fact that Everything is Around us existing, and we're just: In It.

How bizarre.

We think about "how bizarre" things are sometimes - but, in the little moments, I think about it constantly.

Maybe that's because, I'm by myself a lot. And by myself I mean: Here. Up Here. In my Head.

I think about an Older Person, when a Song is playing that I think is "old" and I think "they think this is not old, maybe modern, or maybe not. But I think about it in their presence. I am thinking about Them and Me. Sometimes I get tired of hearing myself type type type, about what's going on in here. When this happens I usually stop.

I have gone through long periods of Stopping. But then something happened: My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light.

Ahhh, refreshing words. I am always trying to eek in words from Scripture, that have been illuminating to me. Comforting even. But - the comfort happened long before. The comfort of God, came to me - in a dream. Or a series of dreams.

All of the pieces floating around. I had them in bits of Hard drive (that crashed) or in journals (that are a thousand miles away, the pages yellowing - could I read them if I opened them? Shroedinger says: They Don't Exist) And then - He put them all right side up.

I understood - that is to say, I stopped being burdened with the absurdity, the insanity of What I Was Thinking, and saw: It was All Right Here.

And yes also: "alright, here"

And also "Up Here"

It was good when it happened, but it did in a flash. I am trying to transpose that Flash into others, without Saying the words that aren't The Truth. Isn't that the song and dance, for truth seekers?

This is what I'm feeling, and this is what I want to say.

I read in Jeremiah something Amazing. "Don't Boast about your understanding, or your strength, or your riches - instead - boast about your Understanding of the Spirit of God"

That brings a calming feeling. I am not Boasting, and I am not Wise - I am just: Eeking it out, not too much, not too little: A light burden, not to intense on "The Try": Let The Lord, The Spirit, God, Speak for me: Because I do not exist, except Up Here.

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