Update - May 5th 2022

I have been reading, reading reading reading. I am for sure, going with the flow in that capacity.

Wherever the Spirit takes me, I am trying to go: With the exception of course, of the mental blockages I do not even seeeee myself relenting. I am giving myself grace in those, and forgiving - and loving myself; trusting my intentions are not: Selfish.

It always comes back to this idea, or feeling, really - of being selfish. Oh, you want to lay in bed and eat bon bons?? SELFISH. A preservation of the Self's base desires. I do like to feel pleasure.

The next series I will be working on comes from the books I have been led to receive; one specifically, along the line of thread - A Course In Miracles. The painting titles are Revelation and Atonement, and ______ An Undetermined Third. Although the Third is undetermined - I have a pretty good idea of what the Content might entail. t's funny how that happens, things being Connected and the nonlinearity (really) of time.

This is a good exercise - Communicating about the projects.

OH!!! Update update: The Haybale painting was given to my brother Zedek for Christmas, the Robertson's Ham Sandwiches painting (I LOVE) was given to my sister to put inter new apartment (Zedek's was also put in his new apartment), and the one about the perspective from an airplane - a bird's eye view of Oklahoma was Donated to the Mabee Gerrerr museum's annual fundraiser; was given very high praise and picked up by my friend's mother (who didn't even know it was my painting!!) and as I was walking out, I was asked to commission a painting for a woman who likes (maybe even said "loves") my style. That will happen in September. These are going to be personal - practice - project - spiritual release (obedience!) paintings. I am very excited.

I have been being relentlessly given this notion that I need to Give, Give, Give - freely. A course in miracles, put it in a way that made sense - When you Give a thought, it doesn't detract from anything you do not 'lose' the thought by giving - in fact, it expands, multiplies - It sets the stage, even, for multiplication to occur. they give a thought, and they give a thought - and someone writes a book down the line: Boom - the thought has proliferated beyond your wildest unctions.

I have been given an idea repeatedly to Give, Give Give. And so I think it is no sweat off my back, to Give my art - and to Give my communication (another idea that is being proliferated, by the spirit in my direction) here. And so I will.


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