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Ideas from a Human Design Projector

I have created a place for Generators to come and pick the brain of a Human Design Projector. It’s called the incubator. This will be a place for a Human Design projector (me or You!) to articulate ideas. An HD projector's ideas are expansive. Like many people before I found Human Design I was confused about the way I operated within society, questioning my purpose and feeling as if something was off.

The incubator came about from a lifetime of being hit with synaptic whirrings. Like most of us, I was conditioned by a society which values the output of Manifestor and Generator energy. My projector energy felt stymied, but I knew I had tremendous potential because I would be struck with fully formed ideas that seemed to work. Before finding Human Design I assumed that because I had the idea it was my responsibility to act on it. When I was not capable (no energy, and no invitation) I felt like a failure. This did not matter too much, because the catalyzing at the idea was more exciting than the disappointment of not acting on it - at first. After a while however, this experience created a failure complex which Human Design has been a balm for. Learning is fun for me, and researching feels just as good as the ideas that I am on occasion struck with. Sometimes, it feels like the information that opens up to me is divinely - spiritually - energetically being pulled towards me. Maybe this is being pulled towards you?

The ideas on the incubator can take many forms. Whether you're looking for a business concept, a story idea, or a way to get us out of world war 3. Maybe you're searching for a blueprint for a nonprofit, a committee, or an artistic movement? You are guarnateed to find something that at least entertains you on The Incubator (and maybe enrages you "That Concept already Exists!" (let me know!)

Human Design Projectors are the ones here who "make sense of it all'. This is an experiment that is open to all Human Design energy types, and even those who do not know their unique blueprint yet. If you want to find out what your Human Design profile you can here.

I’m a projector. A projector is an energy type within the Human Design system. The authority, or mechanism, of your energy type dictate how you should go about operating in the world. You aren't told what your energy type is at birth (at least not yet) and therefore the saying “life doesn’t come with a manual” exists. Fortunately for me I saw an instagram regarding something Human Design related, and picked up my manual (so to speak). I have spent the past few months deep diving into my projector energy type and reading the work of Ra Uru Hu.

Let me say something about Human Design, which could almost be its own post, but I won’t get into it too much here.

Sidebar on Human Design

Human Design is…. interesting. Especially when you read the first person texts of the system’s creator. Ru Uru Hu is a self espoused engineer. He's a brilliant mind who had an awakening experience, and to call him an engineer would be to say, an engineer of spiritual energetics. There is a lot to do with human design that is not given to you in the instagram ads, which basically focus on how you can gameify your design type to fit within the capitalistic system, or fulfill your destiny. We are okay with this, because most of the Human Design content is focused on helping you gain a sense of peace you may have missed out on. People are searching for peace. Human Design offered me this in the form of a more complete understanding of who I am. If you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of human design, I recommend you do it with an open mind - but I also recommend you do it!This is merely something to point out. If you are interested in deep diving into human design - you can download Ru Uru Hu’s free PDF. If you are a research obsessed person like me, you can go to and sign up for one of his annual subscriptions! If you are reading this, chances are pretty high you already have. If you don’t want to spend money, however I recommend just downloading that initial PDF and then following your Human Design rabbit trail. Happy studying!

Ideas in Human Design

I have a Gate 11 situation. I call it a situation because there is an inundation with ideas which occurs within this gate. These ideas don’t necessarily exist to come to fruition - especially when they exist solely within the confines of my own being. (Hello, Projector here). Being a projector means I do not have the energy system required to generate, or manifest these ideas into existence necessarily. Projectors generate ideas. I used to poetically call these ideas, “synaptic pingings which bubble to enthusiasm” and that was enough at the time, but now I am out of my poetry phase and into my human design era (or Eros, perhaps). Gate 11 loves being stimulated by new ideas and until recently I didn't know, that my ideas they mostly exist for others to reflect upon. (Blue I-ching 64 keys pg. 29) What struck me when learning about about gate 11 is its emphasis on Humanity. These are, Humanity’s ideas!

Ideas are cyclical - they come and they go as humanity evolves. But some people are looking for an idea, and find value in them. Hence: The Incubator.

Where can I find The Incubator and How Do I Contribute?

I created The incubator (check it out here) to house the raw data that is a Human Design Projector's ideas. Some of the ideas in the Incubator are fully formed, and some are just an inkling waiting to be snatched up and expanded upon. It is not up to me to make these ideas manifest at the moment simply to provide the ideation that comes from a projector's 11th Gate.

If you are a human design energy type, and need an idea you’ve come to the right place! If you are a projector, and you'd like to share your idea with me on instagram and contribute to the conversation - you are invited! If you are a lover of art and you like the concept of a wacky experiment then you are definitely in the right place as well. Odds are if you are a follower of Human Design, then you don't mind challenging the norms, and you probably value creative expression. The onslaught of the ideas is unpredictable, which means the output of the content will be too.

Calling all Projectors:

Is this something you want to be able to contribute to? I invite you to let me know on Instagram - @erinndnbf or here.

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