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On The Disappearance

Take a picture! It will last longer! But then, in a cruel turn of events - it doesn't.

The cherry blossoms. That transient beauty that slaps you in the face and rushes out the door. Bends you over the counter and then rights themselves buckling their belt, limp. Robust in it's impact, fragile in it's existence. Cotton candy on your tongue dissapearing just when you start to taste it. Feeling it's weight ticking the edges of your tongue - confusing it with your own saliva dissolving it because all at once they are the same thing. Alive and dissolved in the same substance. Has it always been like this? The question alone lets you know it hasn't.

This is it. This is all there is. Then suddenly it exists only in a frangrance you can't bottle.

The sunshine warming a watermelon.

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