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(Yo-ga): Grace

Yo - The totality (of all that is)

ga - (the whole's) intensity/energy

yo- pairing Truth with natural action

ga - one's (existential) authenticity is displayed in one stroke.

Leave it to me to make things more complicated than they need to be but...

Grace: I was very fortunate to have a Yoga Instructor give to me an idea about the importance of the meaning of Grace. (See what I did there? I made that sentence way too complicated) This beautiful woman had us brainstorm - spit-ball style - our definition of Grace. My mind was reeling - wanting it to be just perfect, and as always when that intense longing for perfection occurs: I was stupefied.

Ideas were thrown out as to the ideal definition of Grace. But ultimately it didn't matter which collection of words we landed on. What this wonderful woman was really trying to do, was to have us identify something which exists around us at all moments but we often fail to see.

Maybe it's because we lack the proper words, that we don't know how to comfortably categorize this phenomena, calling it "a coincidence" if we recognize it at all.

Sometimes things happen that make us go: "...wait, did that just happen?" A huge burden, which had been stifling us seconds earlier is lifted from our shoulders without our knowing how to ask for it. It is as if something from the nether regions is dropped into our laps (Hunger Games style) and we are given, a second chance, a clear sign of where to go next, cold hard cash, or even a green light. This is Grace. An un-asked for - unexpected - undeserved nudge from something out of our control.

We live in many different places in our minds. We are here. And ten years ago, and ten years in the future, and in the big toe we just stubbed, and in our stomachs, and 30 minutes from now, and processing the text we just read, and losing ourselves (but still existing somewhere) within a song. But even when we're in those places where else are we? This plagues us ad-infinitum. The best part about Grace, in my mind - is that it helps us to see Where We Are Now.

Grace, helps us to reposition ourselves into the present moment - that is- a part of something which is undeniably Whole.

Sometimes Grace stupefies us, and we are left saying "wow" and other times, sadly, we may not recognize it at all.

{sidebar to myself} (but *who* is sad about it really? You? Where? - in 'hindsight' in one of the corners of your mind which, itself is permeated by that all pervading Grace? (short answer: no worries!)

This practice, that was given to us, by this wonderful woman is simple: recognize grace. This simple yo-ga allows us to see Grace as always present, not just in the fantastical moments but in the moments before that one, and the half a second after it, and when we stub our other toe. Grace is there at all times.

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